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Integrative Viral Pandemic Considerations


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Pandemic Virus Protocols

Viral Pandemic: A Review of Integrative Medicine Treatment Considerations

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In this literature review, the environmental contributions to illness, immune responses, and treatment recommendations were reviewed with the intent of providing practitioners actionable information to effectively treat their patients as well as providing patients information that they can utilize to educate their health care practitioner.


The MATH+ Protocol from FLCCC Alliance is the most effective in-hospital protocol at this time.  If someone has shortness of breath with oxygen saturation below 85% and resting heart rate above 100 beats per minute for longer than 4 hours, evaluation in the hospital emergency room should be seriously considered. 


NOTE: Inpatient mortality was decreased from the worldwide average of 23% death rate to 5% death rate using the MATH+ Protocol.  Because of its ability to reduce mortality so markedly, any in-hospital treatment other than the MATH+ Protocol is probably malpractice. 

MATH+ Protocol

In-Hospital Treatment Protocol 


Ivermectin is an NIH Approved COVID -19 Treatment

Hospitals administration and staff who claim that Ivermectin is not an NIH approved treatment for COVD-19 are not correct. The whole video is good, but if you want to go to about 30 minutes in, they show the NIH link. Below are the links.

Protect your loved one and your ability to intercede on their behalf with a hospital!

NOTE: These documents need to be completed, signed and notarized before there is an urgent need. Waiting until they are needed may be too late.

  1. These two documents need to be signed by a notary. Be sure to get these documents completed and have them scanned into your mobile device as well as have multiple original copies so that you can provide an original to the hospital and still have an original in your fire proof file at home.  

  2. These documents specify that you are not to be intubated or to be given Remdesvir. If the hospital is not going to comply with alternative medical options it states the patient is to be discharged home on hospice care.

Interview Discussing the Importance of Patient Advocates


Proteolytic Enzymes

Maintaining a robust immune system is the gold standard for overall health and vitality. How can we adequately support ourselves despite our ever-changing environment and daily life stressors? While the answer can be different for everyone, looking at the fundamental level of biology and the role enzymes play in every living organism can serve as a starting point. 


Simply put, enzymes are essential for life; they act as catalysts that help facilitate and accelerate thousands of chemical reactions within the body. While Enzymes are naturally produced in the body, aging, environmental or life stressors and poor digestion all factor into enzyme production. Enzymes can be extracted from plant, animal, and microbial sources. The function of enzymes relies heavily on the help of cofactors and coenzymes. Minerals such as zinc, iron and copper serve as cofactors while many B vitamins serve as coenzymes to enzymes.[1] Enzyme-rich fruits and vegetables include: papaya, pineapple, beet, onion, leek and celery. The enzyme amylase, lipase and protease are produced by the pancreas and are responsible for the breakdown of sugar and carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins. 

Besides playing an important role in digestion, enzymes also support the immune system. Proteolytic enzymes are responsible for proteolysis and support overall health when taken on an empty stomach.* The foreign species (antigens) recognized by the body are usually protein-aceous or polypeptide in nature and, in some cases, are small molecules attached to carrier proteins eliciting an immune response. Oral systemic enzymes are absorbed as free proteases active in fluids and tissues or bind to alpha-2-macroglobulin for protection from degradation, allowing the enzyme to circulate in the blood.[2,3] While in the blood, proteases target foreign proteins and dead or damaged proteins generated from immune responses thereby helping to clean the blood of cellular debris.


In optimal health, the body is shielded with a robust immune system that is highly functioning and balanced. Supplementing with proteolytic enzymes can be a supportive measure to minimizing stressors in conjunction with supplying the body with tools to strengthen this defense mechanism, maintaining a balanced immune system throughout the year.

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