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Building up Those Who Lead!


Legal Guidelines For Unlicensed Practitioners 


This concise, well-written manual helps one to become aware of occupational licensing matters and how to practice as an unlicensed practitioner without legal difficulties. Sixteen chapters include discussions of licensing laws, and legal opportunities and rights as a consultant, minister, coach and other practice options. Also included are sample disclaimer, disclosure and consent forms to use with your clients.


  •  Always maintain high ethical standards. Accept complete responsibility for your situation and for your work.

  • Understand the legal environment in which you live and where you work.

  • Understand the belief systems or paradigms that operate in your field, especially those of the authorities, in order to harmonize your work with their concepts.

  • Take simple, reasonable precautions including the use of disclosure, disclaimer and consent forms, and follow the other instructions in this book.

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